Arthritis Pain Treatments and Medications

Arthritis Pain Treatments and Medications

Effectively managing chronic pain can often involve more than one approach and may require a team effort from multiple healthcare providers. In addition to learning more about pain and self-management strategies, your treatment plan may also include drug-free therapies or medications if needed.  

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are often highly recommended for people with arthritis, as a therapist can provide you with a therapeutic exercise program designed specifically for your needs, as well as suggestions about how to protect your joints and minimize pain. For people with inflammatory types of arthritis, disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs are often an important part of treatment to slow disease progression.  

There are currently no medications available to slow the progression of osteoarthritis, though some pain medications may be helpful when used in combination with lifestyle-based approaches such as physical activity and weight management. Learn more about different treatment options available and their efficacy for arthritis in the sections below.


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