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Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The Seal of Approval You Can Trust

When you or someone you love lives with arthritis you know that everyday activities like opening a jar or a pill bottle, preparing food, replacing batteries on your hearing aid, or squeezing the trigger on your garden hose can sometimes be challenging.  

Ease-of-Use Arthritis Society CanadaAt Arthritis Society Canada, we know how important it is for you to live life to the fullest and keep doing all the activities that bring joy to your life like gardening, cooking, hiking or just walking your dog.  

That’s why we’ve launched an Ease of Use Program with partners and manufacturers whose products and packaging meet the standards that earn them the Ease of Use seal of approval.  

The Ease of Use seal lets you easily identify these products both in-store and online.

Ease of Use Products

About the Certification? 

Certification process

The Ease-of-Use seal indicates the ease of use and does not endorse the therapeutic properties of a product, and the commendation is not intended as a general product endorsement. Following product certification, participating manufacturers make an annual contribution to Arthritis Society Canada’s mission to fight the fire of arthritis with research, advocacy, innovation, information and support. 

Product and packaging design consideration for people with arthritis, limited mobility and chronic pain is vital in daily life for millions of Canadians. Complete the form below for additional information on the Ease of Use program and certification process. You will be contacted by our Ease of Use Staff Lead. 

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