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Accelerating Impact
2025 Strategic Plan

Our Strategy

Arthritis is painful. It’s devastating. And it’s in the business of denying six million Canadians a normal life. Without bold and sustained action, the number of Canadians with arthritis will rise to nine million by 2040.

Tackling arthritis requires dedication and a coordinated, strategic effort.


Accelerating Impact, Arthritis Society Canada’s 2025 Strategic Plan, will guide our efforts. Arthritis Society Canada will:

Fund more research

Icon-Fund more research

What success looks like:
Research has a positive impact on health

  • $30 million invested in research
  • 95 new innovative research projects funded
  • 380 new research careers launched
  • Our research investments multiplied 10 times by other funders

Our innovative research efforts will focus on:

  • Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Childhood arthritis
  • Work

Why it matters:

“Research presents me with hope for the future.” ~ David West, living with arthritis

Change the conversation

Icon for Change the conversation

What success looks like:
People view arthritis as serious and have access to timely and effective care

  • Arthritis elevated to a top 5 health concern
  • 25,000 actions taken by Canadians
  • 300 engagements with policy makers
  • 30 public policies impacted

Our awareness and advocacy efforts will focus on:

  • Mattering more to more people
  • Enhancing access to care and treatment
  • Supportive socio-economic policies
  • Encouraging robust investment in and government funding for innovative research

Why it matters:

“Arthritis is serious and doesn't get the attention it deserves." ~ Gabe Koury, living with arthritis

Innovate to differentiate

Icon for Innovate to differentiate

What success looks like:
Innovation creates new ideas that change lives

  • 3 innovation programs activated
  • A social impact investment implemented

Our innovation efforts will focus on:

  • Creating the Arthritis Ideator Program, which will connect, assess and interact with arthritis-related entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies with new arthritis products
  • Developing collaborative social impact partnerships with the power to make meaningful change for people with arthritis
  • Launching high-risk, high-reward research innovation grants

Why it matters:

“It is time to get innovative. Time to change the way we have been thinking and how we have been doing things.” ~ From Unleashing Innovation: Report of the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation

Reach more people

Icon for Reach more people

What success looks like:
People affected by arthritis are empowered and more resilient

  • 3 million Canadians reached each year with trusted information
  • 300,000 Canadians connected with our information and support programs
  • 90% of program users say they are empowered to better manage their arthritis
  • 3,500 total children and families helped to thrive with arthritis

Our efforts will focus on:

  • Developing and disseminating online tools and resources
  • Establishing Arthritis Talks series to reach Canadians coast to coast
  • Evolving our Arthritis Line to a nationwide program
  • Supporting children through camps and information resources 

Why it matters:

“It’s so important that people have the right and most up-to-date information about this disease. Arthritis knows no age, race, religion or gender. It can affect anyone.”~ June Henderson, living with arthritis

Grow revenue

Icon for Grow revenue

What success looks like:
Donors are inspired and motivated to give to fuel our mission

  • Annual fundraising revenue increased by $10 million to $30 million
  • Cost-per-dollar-raised decreased

Why it matters:

“I want arthritis to be something the next generation reads about in history books, because that’s where it belongs: in the past.” ~ Anna Marie Frediani, living with arthritis

Accelerating Impact is ambitious and bold, because that’s what’s needed to achieve meaningful change on this urgent issue. Arthritis Society Canada has a disease to crush and a constituency to elevate. We are all in to end arthritis, so people with arthritis can live their best life free from arthritis.

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Our vision

We will extinguish arthritis.

Our mission

To fight the fire of arthritis with research, advocacy, innovation, information and support.

Our values

Our values are critical. They become the bedrock from which our culture is created. They authentically define how we operate, how we act, and how we interact on a day-to-day basis.
  • United: We are stronger together.
  • Impactful: We will create a bold future.
  • Transformative: We fearlessly work to achieve greatness.

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