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Volunteer LogoFor over 70 years, the Arthritis Society  has  worked  in  collaboration  with volunteers  to help work towards our goal  of living in a world free from arthritis.  Dedicated volunteers continue to work alongside us to build and grow as an organization and increase our reach and impact in the lives of those affected by this  devastating  disease.   

Our vision is to  engage with volunteers  across  all areas of our  organization, putting them at the heart of our work. We  foster  opportunities for  our volunteers  to positively impact the  lives of people  affected by  arthritis  though their contribution with us. We provide volunteers with  a hub where those wishing to make a difference  can learn  through training and resources – about arthritis, its impacts, the Arthritis Society,  and what support and advocacy is needed to create change.  

We strive to support and connect with all our volunteers, whatever their  contribution to  the Arthritis Society, their  aspirations, background, ability  or  life stage.