Support Groups and Mental Wellness Resources

Support Groups and Mental Wellness Resources

For many people living with chronic pain, peer support can play an important role in helping them cope. Having someone to talk to who has shared similar experiences and can understand what you are going through can help reduce some of the stress and anxiety of dealing with a chronic condition. There are a number of peer supports available nationally and on a local level across Canada, some of which are virtual and others are in-person. Check out the list below to find available supports. Some regions may also have social media support groups.

Peer support

Mental Health Supports

Chronic pain can have an impact on our mental health just as our mental health can impact the way we experience pain. For more information to help you take care of your mental health, visit the Arthritis Society’s Mental Health resources or one of the free online resources listed below:

Community-Specific Supports and Resources

Below is a list of community-specific resources that provide support to people with disabilities and/or chronic health conditions. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please let us know at

Get Inspired

Learn about how others have overcome their arthritis pain to live their best lives. Read the stories of inspiring people from across Canada who are thriving with arthritis.

Find more stories on flourish, the Arthritis Society’s wellness blog.


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