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Arthritis Line


Arthritis Line is a free telephone and email information and support service for people affected by arthritis. Our trained volunteers can answer your questions about arthritis, how to manage the disease and where to access arthritis-related resources. They can also offer support when needed.

We’re here to help and support you and your family through your arthritis journey.

Why call Arthritis Line?

Living with arthritis can be challenging for both those diagnosed and their family members. Connecting with a trusted resource for up-to-date, reliable and, evidence-based information can provide some relief.

Arthritis Line is a toll-free service for anyone looking for arthritis-related information and support, whether it is someone living with an arthritis diagnosis, their family or friends or a healthcare provider.

Connect with us today if you’re looking for information related to:

  • Types of arthritis

  • Treatment options

  • Community resources

  • Arthritis research

  • Coping with arthritis

If needed, our Arthritis Line volunteers can refer you to a Peer Listener. The Arthritis Society’s Peer Listeners are volunteers trained to lend an ear to those when you need someone to listen and understand.

Connecting with Arthritis Line

Services are available Monday to Friday in both French and English. We make every effort to respond to messages within 24 hours.

Other ways we provide support