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The fire of arthritis scorches lives. It robs six million Canadians of their mobility, mental and physical well-being, and in some cases, their livelihood. It is Canada’s most common chronic condition, and there is no cure. Arthritis is a problem desperately looking for innovative solutions.

Thanks to the support and generosity of our funders, Arthritis Society Canada is fueling transformational change to fight the fire of arthritis.

Through our Innovation Strategy, we are unlocking research breakthroughs by talented scientists, unleashing system change through social impact projects and uncovering and accelerating entrepreneurial ideas to help people living with arthritis today and in the future.

Three Pillars  

1. Research  

Arthritis researcher with patientArthritis Society Canada supports exceptionally creative scientists pursuing breakthrough research with the potential to unlock novel, transformative, lasting impacts. Last year, we committed more than $4.1 million to 13 Strategic Operating Grants and a further $1.2 million to 12 high-risk, high-reward Ignite Research Grants – all aimed at unlocking better diagnoses, treatment and management of arthritis, and ultimately, a cure for the disease.

2. Social Impact 

Light bulbArthritis Society Canada will create long-term system change by collaborating with others to deploy innovative therapies and interventions. We are investing to prevent osteoarthritis later in life by screening infants across Canada for hip dysplasia. Our advocacy campaigns affect change at provincial and federal policy levels, and our Community Action Grants empower communities to explore local solutions.

3. Ideator Program 

Globe with iconsArthritis Society Canada uncovers and taps into bright entrepreneurial talent, challenging them to invent and tailor practical solutions to transform the lives of people living with arthritis. In 2022, we announced our four inaugural Arthritis Ideator AwardsTM for Canadian innovators. We also host regular Arthritis Ideator Dens, bringing together innovative minds to help shape our Innovative Strategy.

Learn about the 2023 Arthritis Ideator AwardsTM