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We are investing in breakthrough, high-risk, high-reward research, collaborating on social impact projects to create transformational health change, and accelerating the success of innovators by getting their solutions to those that need them most.

Three Pillars  

Unlock: Ignite Research  

We have created Unlock, the Ignite Research Grants, to support exceptionally creative scientists pursuing breakthrough research with the potential to unlock novel, transformative, lasting impacts.

High-risk, high-reward research is the key to unlocking better diagnosis, better treatment and management, and ultimately, a cure.

Learn about our Ignite Research Grants

Unleash: Social Impact  

We have created Unleash, the Social Impact pillar, to sustainably deploy innovative therapies, programs and interventions. We’re reaching out to researchers and clinicians across the nation, asking them what they have that could positively impact the lives of Canadians living with arthritis. We will partner with them to unleash their solutions to solve wicked system-wide problems like navigation, inequitable access to care, disability at work, reducing wait times and more.

Through strong partnerships, Social Impact projects will create sustainable, long-term improvements for people with arthritis.

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Uncover: Ideator Program  

We have created Uncover, the Arthritis Ideator Program, to tap into bright and emerging talent. We’re challenging entrepreneurs to invent and tailor practical solutions that could provide tremendous benefits to people living with arthritis. 

We will accelerate the success of innovators, getting their solutions to those that need them most. 

Learn about the Arthritis Ideator Program.