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Coping with Chronic Pain and Fatigue


Coping with Chronic Pain and Fatigue

A webinar providing strategies on managing chronic pain and fatigue

Date: Monday, November 29  •  Time: 6 p.m. ET  •  Location: Online webinar

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One of the most challenging aspects of arthritis is the chronic pain and fatigue that often comes with the disease. Join Dr. John Pereira, President-Elect of the Canadian Pain Society, as he shares tips on increasing energy levels and overcoming your chronic pain.

At this webinar we will:

  • Discuss the factors that are most likely to increase or decrease pain and fatigue levels

  • Provide strategies on how to manage your chronic pain and fatigue to help you navigate daily life

  • Explain how to communicate your pain in order to receive appropriate support and care

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What participants say about Arthritis Talks...

★  1  ★ Thank you for another TOP NOTCH session. You are really showing the value of the Arthritis Society.
★  2  ★ I found this webinar presentation VERY informative & am so glad to be able to watch & hear the Rheumatologists. thank you so much!
★  3  ★ I thought the session was excellent and very professional. I am really impressed with the Arthritis Society, their information and both webinars I have well as the website which I refer to often and recommend to others.

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John Xavier PereiraDr. John Xavier Pereira is the President-Elect of the Canadian Pain Society, Immediate Past-President of the Pain Society of Alberta and was a founding Co-Chair of the Alberta Pain Strategy. He is a past Ronald Melzack Fellow of the McGill Pain Center. He has spoken on the topic of chronic pain both nationally and internationally, including at the Mayo Clinic and Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. He represented Western Canada on the committee of physicians who wrote our country’s National Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia. Dr. Pereira was the physician lead of the team that won the very first Health Quality Council of Alberta Patient Experience Award in the field of pain management.

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