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Have your say on key issues of concern for people with arthritis in your community, and across the country.
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Thank you, Canada, for the amazing response in making #arthritis an election priority! So many of you took the time to speak out and support our federal advocacy efforts to address #pharmacare, #medicalcannabis and joint replacement #waittimes. Our election push may be over, but the advocacy work is just beginning: bookmark this page to stay in touch with our ongoing advocacy efforts.

We actively champion the needs of Canadians affected by arthritis, capturing the attention of decision-makers at both the Federal and Provincial levels to drive positive policy changes and increase awareness and understanding of arthritis in Canada.

The most important part of our advocacy is YOU. We can only be credible and effective advocates for the needs of people with arthritis if we have the backing and involvement of grassroots advocates at the community level. People like you. So speak up and be heard!

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Joint Replacement Wait Times

Arthritis is the leading cause of joint replacement surgeries and wait times have gotten worse every year since 2015, dramatically impacting quality of life for too many Canadians.  

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National Pharmacare

Canada needs to implement a national pharmacare program that provides equitable and affordable access to medically necessary therapies.  

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Medical Cannabis

Arthritis patients need access to medical cannabis that is tax-free and available through pharmacies. 

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Get Involved! 

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Arthritis Society’s advocacy efforts, click on the issue and campaign details above for more information, or sign up to become an advocacy volunteer!