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Stop the Wait!
Reduce Wait Times for Joint Surgeries

Thousands of Canadians with arthritis are living in pain waiting for joint replacement surgery and the wait is getting longer. During the first six months of the pandemic, 50% of Canadians waiting for joint replacement surgery did not have it done on time.  Urgent action is needed now.

It's time to stop the pain. It's time to take action to stop the wait!

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    We are calling for a Canadian Wait Times Task Force to address the growing wait times crisis. Our new report The Wait: Addressing Canada’s Critical Backlog of Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries offers solutions to address both the pandemic-related backlog and pre-existing challenges.  Developed with the input of a working group of experts from across the country, our recommendations include:

    1. Ensure innovative models of care are replicated and shared widely so more Canadians have access to their benefits.  
    2. Standardize how patient data is collected and reported on across the country, to make it easier to set national standards and benchmarks.
    3. Leverage digital technology to reduce wait times, maximize limited health resources and improve co-ordination of care.
    4. Increase access to community-based joint health management programs, so more patients have access to proven programs that effectively manage pain pre-op and better optimize results post-op.
    5. Ensure savings from surgical efficiencies are re-invested into improving patient care.

    Read the full report: The Wait: Addressing Canada's Critical Backlog of Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries [PDF 376kB].