Healthy Eating

Very berry tea smoothie

Prep Time: 5 minutes  | Cook Time: 5 minutes  | Total Time: 10 minutes |*Servings: 4

Eat a rainbow! Wise advice when looking to add more antioxidants to your day. Anthocyanin, for example, is a phytochemical responsible for the bright red colour in sweet cherries, blackberries, black currants and hibiscus tea leaves. 

Flavonoids, including anthocyanins, are naturally occurring compounds found in fruits, vegetables and plant-based foods like tea, chocolate and red wine and are known to offer health benefits. Animal studies show that antioxidants found in fruits have potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, although more research is needed in this area. 

Berries are also packed with other essential nutrients like dietary fibre, vitamin C, manganese and vitamin K1. Fresh or frozen berries offer an opportunity to add flavour and freshness to your favourite summer drink.  Try it for yourself with this antioxidant-filled berry tea smoothie. 

Nutritional information (per serving*): Calories: 200; Protein (10g); Total Fat (6g); Saturated Fat (1g); Unsaturated Fat (5g); Carbohydrates (24g); Fibre (3g); Sodium (35mg)


  • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt or plant-based alternative
  • 2 ½ cups frozen mixed berries
  • ¼ cup hemp hearts
  • 2 cups chilled brewed herbal tea, preferably hibiscus rose tea 
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup or honey (or to taste)
  • Fresh basil leaves (optional)   


Image 1 - Step 1 add hemp heartsStep 1
Add yogurt, frozen berries, hemp hearts, maple syrup and herbal tea to a blender. 

Step 2
Blend until smooth.

Image 2 - Step 3 pour into 4 glassesStep 3
Divide smoothie among four glasses and serve with a fresh basil leaf.



Extra tips:

  • Herbal tea brewing tips: bring water to a boil and let it sit for two or three minutes before pouring on the loose leaves, as boiling temperatures might burn the leaves. Let the tea steep for about five minutes. Use one teaspoon of tea leaves per cup. Alternatively, you can make herbal tea using a teabag for more convenience.
  • You can use other type of herbal teas like ginger or African rooibos. 
  • You can cold brew loose leaf tea, by infusing the tea leaves with cold water instead of hot water and then refrigerating for eight hours or overnight.