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Camp Sunrise

Virtual Childhood Arthritis Camp

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July 13, 2020


Online via Google Classroom

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Online registration for Camp Sunrise is now closed. Please email for information on how to register.

We know COVID-19 has not stopped you, and it’s not stopping the Arthritis Society either in ensuring children affected by arthritis and other rheumatic diseases have a memorable summer camp experience. This year, we are bringing our community from coast-to-coast together in a fun and supportive online environment to challenge, teach and provide you the opportunity to connect with friends both old and new.

Join us! Show the world: Arthritis Won’t Stop Me. 

About Camp Sunrise

Over the course of four weeks, you will be grouped into a virtual cabin with other campers and a counsellor. Each week you’ll be given a fun challenge that you have the option of completing either individually or as a group. For every challenge you complete, you’ll earn a prize! In addition to the online challenges, you will have the opportunity to connect with campers outside your cabin group,  and have a weekly video conference to learn strategies to help you manage your disease and the challenges that may come with it.  

This program is built with flexibility in mind, so don’t worry if you can’t participate in every activity. We  know that summer is here and with that often comes an unpredictable schedule. All you need to participate is an open mind, a willingness to interact with others in an online environment and a device you can use to connect to Google Classrooms, Google Meet & Hangouts. If you don’t have a device or access to the internet, please reach out to us at and we will do our best to find a way for you to participate.   

At Camp Sunrise you will be understood and accepted. We will celebrate you, challenge you and connect you with a supportive community.


Questions? Please email and we will get back to you ASAP. 

  • What is Camp Sunrise?

    Camp Sunrise is an online, virtual camp taking place over the course of 4 weeks from July 13-August 7th. Each week, campers from ages 7-17 will be given a weekly challenge to complete that aligns with each of our weekly themes a cabin activity, and a virtual education session. Prizes will be awarded for each challenge that the camper completes.

  • Where does Camp Sunrise occur?

    Camp Sunrise occurs wherever you are located! All that you need to participate is an open mind, willingness to connect with other campers, access to the internet and a device that you can connect to Google Classroom on.

  • Which online platform will you be using for this program? Is the platform secure?

    We will be using Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Hangouts for Camp Sunrise. Google Classroom is a secure platform used by many camps and school districts nationwide. Click to find more information on Google Classroom and security safeguards.

  • What sort of materials are needed to participate?

    Campers will need access to Google Classroom and a device with a strong internet connection. Beyond that, each of the weekly challenges were built with a lot of flexibility and room for creativity. There isn’t a set list of materials needed each week (other than a child’s imagination).

    Ideally we would like each child to post their completed weekly challenge within Google Classroom, but if they are uncomfortable doing so they can email it to and we will mark the challenge off as complete and issue the camper their prize.

  • Does my child have to participate in the entire camp?

    We encourage each camper to be as engaged in this program as possible but recognize that with summer often comes an unpredictable schedule. Each of the weekly challenges can be completed whenever is convenient for the camper. The activities within each of the virtual cabins will mostly be flexible in terms of timing (encouraging posts and commenting on various questions posed by counsellors and experts).

  • Where can I see a camp schedule?

    Challenges will be sent out to campers every Sunday and will also be posted in Google Classroom at that time. In addition to the Weekly Challenge, campers are encouraged to be a part of our weekly webinar based on the theme of that particular week and a fun activity within their cabin lead by a camp counsellor. A draft schedule can be found here (document link to come).

  • Is there a cost to attend?

    Thanks to the generosity of our partners we will be offering Camp Sunrise free of charge in 2020.

  • How will campers be assigned to cabins?

    Campers will be assigned to cabins with children of various ages (7-17) from all over Canada. Each cabin will have 1-2 counsellors (over the age of 18) that will facilitate interaction amongst the cabins, provide guidance to the campers, and monitor the conversations and activity occurring within the cabin. Campers will be able to chat online with other campers outside of their cabin group through Google Classroom. Arthritis Society staff will be monitoring all activity regularly.

  • Will there be opening and closing activities?

    Absolutely - stay tuned for more information! We’re working out these details now but hope that all campers will be able to join our super fun and exciting kickoff and closing events. There may even be a fun mid-way activity in the works as well.

  • What will be covered in the weekly webinars?

    The information covered in the weekly webinar will vary based on the theme of the week. The themes of camp revolve around nutrition/physical activity, medications, overall wellness and confidence. We are aiming to have the webinars run for approximately 30 minutes each Wednesday. They will be recorded and available for viewing later if you can’t attend at the time of the webinar. We do encourage parents/guardians to join the weekly webinars as well as there will be information appropriate for everyone.

  • What prizes are being offered? How do you earn prizes?

    We have a variety of e-gift cards available for prizes. They will be awarded for each challenge that you complete, as well as for participation in cabin and classroom activities. The more you participate and interact with campers and counsellors nationwide the more prizes you will earn.

  • Why do you need the Campers mailing address if the program is online?

    We will be sending each camper a package with information and some fun goodies to kick off their experience at Camp Sunrise! We are so excited to meet you, lets create a memorable summer together!


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