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Arthritis in the Hips

Host: Dr. Parth Lodhia and Dr. Marie Westby


1 hrs

Presentation slides [PDF, 3MB]

Given that the hip is one of the largest weight-bearing joints in the body, when it is affected by arthritis it often brings extreme discomfort, pain and limited mobility. In this Arthritis Talks, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Parth Lodhia and Dr. Marie Westby, clinical physiotherapist and PhD, will bring you much needed information and expert guidance into the causes, symptoms, progression and treatment of arthritis in the hips. This webinar will discuss:

  • Why the hip joint is prone to arthritis
  • How to maintain function of the hip joint
  • Surgical options for managing hip-pain
  • Non-pharmalogical treatment options
  • Recent research advancements related to arthritis in the hip