Blocking agent

Blocking agent

New blocking agent can stop the degeneration of cartilage

OA is a progressive disease of the whole joint that leads to a breakdown of cartilage and the underlying bone. A molecule called microRNA-181a-5p plays a critical role in the destruction of the joints, causing inflammation, breaking down cartilage, and depleting the body of collagen

A recent study examined whether a blocker called LNA-miR-181a-5p ASO could counter this damaging molecule, testing the potential in rodents, cell cultures, and tissue samples from people with knee and spine osteoarthritis. The researchers found that the LNA-miR-181a-5p ASO blocker was able to prevent further joint destruction in both the knee and spine pre-clinical models. While more research is needed beforehand,  future steps would involve  starting safety studies and potentially human clinical trials.

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This information was reviewed in August 2020 with expert advice from:

Dr. Mohit Kapoor, PhD
Canada Research Chair (Tier 1)
Senior Scientist and Director of Arthritis Research Program, Krembil Research Institute