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Arthritis Rehabilitation and Education Program

Arthritis Rehabilitation and Education

What is the Arthritis Rehabilitation and Education Program (AREP)?

AREP provides a range of services for children and adults with arthritis, at no cost to clients with a valid Ontario health card number. Services include:

  • Consultation and guidance on arthritis self-management in the home/workplace/community
  • Group education that includes information and management techniques for arthritis
  • A customized arthritis service plan

Who is our care team?

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Social Workers

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists receive specialized training in arthritis and use chronic disease management principles in their practice.

Social workers work with clients to access resources and learn strategies to manage the challenges presented by their arthritis.

What can you expect in your session?

Services are provided individually (in person, by telephone, or videoconferencing) or in a group setting.

The physiotherapist or occupational therapist may address the following:

  • Assessment  
  • Education and support  
  • Information on how to control symptoms  
  • Exercise to improve strength, endurance and flexibility 
  • Examination of gait and mobility issues  
  • Evaluation of functional problems that limit activities of daily living or leisure  
  • Home or work place adaptation  
  • Recommendations on splints, mobility or assistive devices  
  • Links to other healthcare or community resources  
The social worker may address the following topics: 
  • Community social services, income and benefit programs
  • Government resources in your community
  • Work, transportation or housing challenges 
  • Coping with your emotions and managing stress 
  • Talking with your family about how arthritis affects you 
  • Meeting other people with arthritis to share your experience 

How much does AREP cost?

There is no fee for services for eligible clients, however, you will be required to pay for splints and equipment if required. AREP operates under the terms of a 'Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA)' with the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network (MH LHIN).

What are our service responsibilities?

As per the transparency requirements of the agreement, please find the most up-to-date copies of the M-SAA and our Declaration of Compliance below. These documents are available for public viewing on our website and printed copies may be obtained at all Arthritis Society AREP locations in Ontario.

How do we respect your privacy?

The Arthritis Society has policies and procedures to protect any personal health information collected, used and disclosed by the Arthritis Rehabilitation and Education Program. These policies and procedures meet the requirements of the Personal Health Information and Protection Act and guidelines from the Information and Privacy Commission of Ontario.

How can you access our services?

We accept self-referrals. You may call your local office to make an appointment or email Visit or Contact Us page for a list of offices in Ontario.

To be eligible for our services, you must have a valid Ontario health card number and have a diagnosis of arthritis.

How do I refer patients to AREP?

If you are a health professional and would like to refer a patient to our program, you can use this  referral form. You can fax the referral form to 1.888.519.6869 or 613.723.1172.

Contact the Arthritis Society in Ontario

Services in French

For enquiries or appointment booking/rescheduling in French please contact:

  • Kingston office – 1.800.321.1433, ext. 1601
  • Sudbury office – 1.800.321.1433, ext. 1401

For occupational therapy and physiotherapy appointments, we have bilingual staff in office and arthritis clinics in Espanola, Elliott Lake, Hawkesbury, Embrun, Mindemoya, Ottawa, Nepean, Rockland, Sudbury, Wikwemikong, Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Windsor, and Tecumseh.

Contact the Arthritis Society in Ontario

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