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The fire of arthritis rages for six million Canadians who live with its devastating pain each day. But your donation today can — and will — make a positive difference.

Your renewed support will ensure we can continue funding the innovative arthritis research, education resources, and advocacy programs millions of Canadians with arthritis are counting on.

You are making a difference in the lives of Canadians who, every day, feel the searing flare of arthritis.

Changing lives through research and innovation

When you renew your support for Arthritis Society Canada, you help fund innovative research and solutions that can make a life-changing difference for those who face the daily fire of arthritis.

Dr. Marc PouliotOne such research project is being led by Dr. Marc Pouliot at Université Laval, who is addressing the urgent need for simple medication to help with the management of arthritis.

For those with inflammatory arthritis, damage to joints and internal organs is caused by immune cells attacking them and triggering inflammation. But blocking a receptor protein, located on the surface of the activated cells called neutrophils, could prevent this inflammation and tissue damage. Dr. Pouliot will engage in further studies to determine how this receptor works and how it can be exploited as a new therapeutic target in inflammatory arthritis.

This work could lead to new treatments bringing improved quality of life for more than a million Canadians with inflammatory arthritis.

Donors like you will ensure that Arthritis Society Canada can continue to fund innovative research like this, to unearth game-changing new findings with the power to change lives for those who feel the searing flare of arthritis.

Please renew your support today. Help us fight fire with fire.

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