Gifting a brighter future for arthritis care

A man and a woman smiling as they embrace in a hug

In this season of honouring family traditions and connecting with loved ones, we find ourselves reminiscing, reflecting and planning for the upcoming year with anticipation. As you set your goals and schedule your plans, imagine a world where your contribution positively impacts arthritis care, lifts others up and leaves a legacy of support for generations to come.  

This is the heart of planned giving: a selfless act that proactively shapes the future of arthritis care and contributes to the flourishing of individuals living with arthritis. 

Francois CapogrecoAmong our generous community are planned giving donors like François Capogreco, Maggie Carpenter, Joan Burrows and John Beresford. Arthritis touched each of their lives, but they found a way to give purpose to their pain by supporting Arthritis Society Canada through planned giving.  

François Capogreco understood the gravity of arthritis from the devastating impact it had on his life. Rheumatoid arthritis robbed him of tennis, a sport he loved, and forced an early retirement due to disability at age 45. For 25 years, Mr. Capogreco quietly grew an investment fund in the name of Arthritis Society Canada. Part of his lasting legacy has been a $445,000 planned giving gift, to help shape the future of arthritis care. 

Maggie Carpenter, another remarkable donor, lived with lupus and understood firsthand the value of arthritis education, advocacy and support in the community. She chose to show her gratitude for the support she received from Arthritis Society Canada by leaving her trust gift of over $3.2 million to ensure the continuation of the invaluable help she received. 

“Our planned giving donors believe that arthritis care can be improved for generations to come, and their support leaves an enduring impact. To give for a future that you would wish to be a part of, but know you will not see, is the essence of selflessness,” shares Jennifer Stewart, Chief Development Officer at Arthritis Society Canada. “We are immensely grateful to these quiet heroes as they honour our vision for revolutionizing arthritis care with their generosity.” 

Joan BurrowsFor many, like Joan Burrows, who understand what it’s like to live with an invisible disease, arranging now to be a planned giving donor is a way of showing appreciation for the support and resources received through Arthritis Society Canada. 

Joan knows how easy it is for the public to ignore what they can’t see and don’t understand. Her reason for leaving a gift in her will to Arthritis Society Canada is clear: “I can’t emphasize enough my strong feelings of gratitude for the research, educational publications and programs of Arthritis Society Canada. But there’s still so much to do to end this disease, and I want to do my part.”  

Others, like John Beresford, have been touched by arthritis through a loved one and are making proactive choices to leave a legacy of hope. “Arthritis Society Canada is doing great work in research and supporting people living with arthritis. I’ve had personal experience living with someone so devastated by the disease, and that’s why I’ve decided to name Arthritis Society Canada as a beneficiary in my will.” 

Arthritis Society Canada is deeply grateful to stand alongside its planned giving donors, united by a shared determination to create a brighter future for individuals living with the burden of arthritis. Together, with the steadfast support of our compassionate community, we will drive the change needed to finally end the agony of arthritis. 

Inspired and curious about planned giving and the potential impact you can make on the arthritis community? Learn more about Legacy and Planned Giving here or connect with Liesl Drayton, Director of Planned Giving at Arthritis Society Canada: