Introducing flourish – The Podcast

Text: flourish, the podcast - Helping you move through life with arthritis


Listening is often a great way to learn. And with that in mind, we’re happy to share our latest initiative, flourish – The Podcast! In this podcast, we dig deeper into stories designed to help you move through life with arthritis. Listen to the lively conversations at home, in your car or while taking a walk!

You might be wondering what a podcast is. In short, a podcast is a bit like an interview-style radio program that you can download to a mobile phone, tablet or computer and listen to at your convenience. Some people like to give it their full attention, while listening with their headphones, and others like to have it play in the background, through speakers, while they’re doing other things. 

You can access our podcast right now through music streaming service like Spotify and Anchor FM. We will be on Apple Music soon. Anchor is a free service, and you can listen to Spotify and Apple Music for free with ads, or without ads for a monthly fee. Our podcast is also available on our website and our YouTube channel. Subscribe to them so when we launch new episodes, you can easily find them. 

In our first episode, we talk with Cristina Montoya, a registered dietician living with rheumatoid arthritis. It’s a lively discussion about the importance of good nutrition, what a healthy diet looks like, and some of the myths surrounding certain diets and foods. Some of you may recognize Cristina as the contributor of the many recipes the Arthritis Society has been publishing online recently. Enjoy.