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Online tools to help you flourish

Online tools to help you flourish

Live well this year: 6 tools to help you flourish

Looking for digital tools to help you thrive? Here at the Arthritis Society, we’d love to lend a hand. We’ve rounded up five top resources to help you meet your health goals today and every day. 

  1. Flourish with flourish

    The flourish site is packed with short, useful articles to help you flourish with arthritis. Read about a wide range of topics—everything from nutrition, relationships and medical cannabis to travel tips and insights from others with the condition. New resources are added all the time. 
  2. Learn online

    New and updated, our free online learning modules offer a chance to take a closer look at issues that matter to you, at your convenience and at your own pace. You'll find 8 interactive modules, including Managing Chronic Pain, Eating Well and Mental Health & Well-Being.
  3. Navigate the system

    Figuring out the practical, nuts-and-bolts aspects of arthritis care can be challenging at times, for both people living with arthritis and caregivers. Our Navigation Guides are here to assist. There’s Access to Primary Care, which provides information about family doctors, nurse practitioners, primary care networks and family health teams, as well as health clinics and call-in health lines for individual Canadian provinces and territories. In Access to Medication, you’ll find information about options for private insurance, public coverage, as well as other sources of funding, again broken down by province and territory. And in Care Options, you can get provincial and territorial information about types of care services that are available, such as home and community care, adult day services, caregiver respite and supportive living. 
  4. Work well

    Arthritis can sometimes impact the way you work, from time off for appointments to effectively managing symptoms in the workplace. Our Arthritis and Work web portal is the place to find information about accommodations, the disclosure process, taking care of your joints at work, and so much more. The new Online Accommodation Tool is a great place to start. 
  5. Think strategically

    Managing your arthritis and practicing self-care can include advocating for yourself and others, which can seem daunting at times. Our Self-Advocacy Guide walks you through empowering tools, strategies and methods to give you the resources to live your best life possible. 
  6. Take a couple of minutes

    Short, one- to two-minute videos can be a powerful way to learn more about living with arthritis (and help those in your life understand it a bit better too). Our Arthritis Advice videos cover topics like coping with pain, dealing with fatigue, appointment preparation and workplace health and wellness. 

Ready to flourish? Visit the Arthritis Society online to get the tools you need.