Arthritis won’t stop this teen fast-pitch player from chasing her dream

Arthritis won’t stop this teen fast-pitch player from chasing her dream

Photo of Paige with bannerPaige S. has a huge passion for the game of softball. Throughout her many years of playing, she has made lifelong friends because of this amazing sport. Opponents have become teammates and friendships have been made with people from all over Western Canada. Paige has had some amazing opportunities throughout her softball career. A major highlight from this season for Paige and her Red Deer Rage team was earning provincial gold, which gave them the chance to represent Alberta at the Nationals competition as the province’s top team. Prior to Nationals, Paige was able to play for Team Alberta in the Western Canada Summer Games held in Swift Current. She also played in the Little League World Series in Kirkland, Washington representing Team Canada with the Elnora Eagles. Paige primarily plays shortstop and she has had quite a bit of success on the bat this year, as well. Paige is a determined and hardworking player. She puts forth the work to get the results. Paige will often be found working out in the basement to finetune her batting or fielding skills or playing backyard baseball with her brothers and cousins. She is very driven to succeed.

In January of 2018, Paige was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). Most people associate arthritis with older people, and not as a youthful disease. We also associate arthritis with crippling pain and limited mobility. JIA affects people differently. Fortunately for Paige, due to the combination of medicines she takes, the symptoms of JIA have stayed localized to her jaw area and have not negatively impacted her mobility or sports.

The awesome medical experts, facilities, medication, and treatments available for patients suffering from arthritis is largely due to support from the Arthritis Society. The work that the Arthritis Society does to raise funds, research the diseases, and educate others helps so many people. By looking at Paige, no one would know that she has arthritis. The medication helps keep the inflammation in check so that her life is not impacted further. Thanks to the research and education from the Arthritis Society, Paige, along with many other individuals both young and old, can focus on life rather than a disease. Her fastball association even pledged to donate a portion of funds raised from a recent event to the Arthritis Society!

Paige is among so many young people fighting this disease and we encourage you to go to to see how you can help.