A person with the agony of arthritis.

Arthritis is an incurable disease that can strike at any age. It robs mobility, drains energy and impacts mental health and sense of self.

THIS is arthritis.

Together, we can end the agony of arthritis.

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"The Members of the Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada through its Charitable Foundation take pride in assisting towards an arthritis-free future for humanity. It is therefore imperative that together we find a cure and effective management for arthritis."
- The Rev. Dr. David Hardie, President

How do we end the agony of arthritis?

Together! When you learn more and get involved in one of these ways, you help drive meaningful change for the 1 in 5 Canadians living with arthritis. Together, we can help end the agony of arthritis.

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Discover the faces of arthritis and their stories.

More than 1 in 5 Canadians live with the agony of arthritis. Behind these numbers are the deeply personal stories of 6 million Canadians of all ages and life stages living with this disease. Discover the REAL faces of arthritis and their stories.


Test your knowledge! Can you bust the myths from facts?

Misconceptions add to the agony of arthritis. People living with arthritis feel unseen and dismissed because Canadians don’t understand how serious arthritis is. Do you?

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This Arthritis Awareness Month, your generosity will have 2X the impact, providing more support to those affected by arthritis. Donate today!

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With the support of our corporate partners, we're showcasing 30 real faces of arthritis in 30 days. Our goal: raise $1 million within a month and drive transformative change for 6 million Canadians.

Thank you to our community of generous and loyal partners and supporters who share our commitment to end the agony for millions of Canadians living with arthritis.

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