It’s better to know.

Early diagnosis and treatment of arthritis are critical to minimizing the impact of joint damage.

Think your pain might be arthritis?

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Understanding your symptoms is the first step to taking action.
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They will help you make an informed decision about next steps.
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Arthritis facts

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6 million
Canadians – 1 in 5 – have arthritis.

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More than 1/3
of people with arthritis are diagnosed before 45.

Early action can lead to early relief.

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About Arthritis Society Canada

Arthritis Society Canada is dedicated to extinguishing arthritis. We represent the six million Canadians living with arthritis today, and the millions more who are impacted or at risk.

Fueled by the trust and support of our donors and volunteers, Arthritis Society Canada is fighting the fire of arthritis with research, advocacy, innovation, information and support. We are Canada’s largest charitable funder of cutting-edge arthritis research. We will not give up our efforts until everyone is free of the scorching pain of arthritis

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