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    Dec 12

    Biosimilar drugs to provide safe, effective treatment The Alberta Government is changing coverage for biologics under the Alberta Drug Benefit List (ABDL). Public coverage for patients currently on certain originator biologics will be transitioned to biosimilars. This affects both patients who are new to biologics, and patients already receiving... Public
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    Dec 11

    Innovative Medicines Canada bans members from paying doctors fees for IV infusions Pharmaceutical companies will no longer be allowed to pay fees to Canadian doctors for overseeing intravenous infusions of their medications under a revised ethical code written by the industry group for brand-name drug makers. The goal is to remove incentives that encourage doctors to prescribe... The Globe and Mail
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    Dec 10

    Province turns to private sector for help reducing surgery wait times Alberta is increasing public funding to non-hospital surgical clinics to address the serious backlog in joint replacement surgeries in that province. Addressing wait times is one of our key areas of advocacy focus: arthritis is the leading cause of joint replacement surgeries, including 99% of... Calgary Herald
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    Dec 03

    Redefining what it means to live with a disability Early Edition with Stephen Quinn profiles three lower mainlanders who redefine what it means to live with a disability. Features arthritis ambassador Eileen Davidson, who lives with RA. CBC News
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    Nov 22

    A look at medical cannabis coverage’s growing pains After the Arthritis Society’s extensive advocacy for medical cannabis research, it seemed only natural for the organization to cover the drug under its employee benefits plan. Features an interview with our COO, Cheryl McClellan, talking about our employee benefits solution. Public
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    Nov 08

    Being a mom with chronic pain wasn't part of the plan Tara Mandarano's moving essay explores being a parent living with chronic pain from fibromyalgia, and its impact on her relatinoship with her 5-year-old daughter.  Public
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    Nov 02

    Cannabis isn't a proven treatment for mental health disorders, but experts say it shouldn't be ruled out A review of 40 years' worth of studies suggests cannabis may not be effective in treating mental health disorders, but experts say that might have more to do with the lack of high-quality research than the drug itself. This underscores the importance of investment in serious, peer-reviewed... CBC News
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    Oct 31

    Sky-high prices sending medical marijuana users to black market Medical marijuana users and their advocates say steep price increases since legalization, coupled with obstacles to access, are forcing many patients to turn to the illegal market. (Arthritis Society President and CEO Janet Yale is quoted extensively in this article.) According to a survey... CBC News
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    Oct 29

    JENSPLAINING - Online Advice When it comes to finding health information online that you can trust, you have to consider the source! In this CBC Gem digital series, Dr. Jen Gunter MD busts some common healthcare myths and empowers health consumers to become better informed.  In this episode, Jen and her guests explain... CBC News
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