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    Oct 06

    World Arthritis Day: Atlantic Canadians struggling with debilitating pain find ways to keep moving
    Incapacitating joint pain can turn tasks most take for granted into onerous obstacles to everyday living. October 12 is World Arthritis Day in Canada, a time to reflect on a sometimes debilitating condition that affects people from all walks of life. We typically think of arthritis as...
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    Oct 05

    A Beautiful Partnership of Fashion and Philanthropy
    For the six million Canadians living with arthritis, something as seemingly simple as doing up buttons or zippers can make getting dressed difficult.There are clothing options to make dressing for everyday easier, but what about those occasions that call for something special?
    Zoomer Magazine
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    Sep 20

    Arthritis Society Canada announces 21 new research awards
    Osteoarthritis causes knee pain for millions of Canadians. But are we missing the bigger picture when investigating pain in the knee?  PhD candidate Samantha Leech of the University of Calgary will be exploring the role of the brain in knee osteoarthritis pain. The research will look...
    Arthritis Society Canada
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    Sep 19

    Green light therapy for osteoarthritis pain relief
    Pain is often invisible – but its impact can be devastating. Almost two-thirds of people living with osteoarthritis report they don’t experience adequate pain relief. “People are sometimes told to ‘just get on with it.’ Personally, I find this unacceptable,&rdquo...
    Arthritis Society Canada
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    Sep 15

    ‘It’s more common than people think’: diagnosed with arthritis at 14
    High school wasn’t exactly easy for Jalesa Martin, who underwent two knee replacement surgeries before graduating from Grade 12.The 24-year-old Brampton woman was diagnosed with lupus arthritis at the age of 14 and was placed on a drug called prednisone to help ease the symptoms. &ldquo...
    Toronto Star
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    Sep 14

    What It Feels Like: First Crohn's disease, then arthritis
    Kayla Jenkins knew something was wrong for years — as someone with a family history of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), she knew her symptoms weren’t normal. A few years after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Jenkins was also experiencing joint pain that was very similar...
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    Sep 01

    Aquacise can be good for those with arthritis
    It’s an easy recipe — add water, workout, repeat. And the results of aquacise are whetting the appetite of many seniors looking for full-body workouts without some of the challenges posed by other options.Serena Alibhai, recreation program specialist with the city, says it is an all...
    Calgary Herald
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    Aug 30

    Launching a flare
    Arthritis Society Canada raising the alarm this Arthritis Awareness Month  TORONTO –  Six million Canadians live with the fire of arthritis and are seriously good at hiding their pain. It’s a defensive skill adopted after hearing “it’s just arthritis&rdquo...
    Arthritis Society Canada
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    Aug 08

    Arthritis Society Canada
    To reinforce the national scope and impact of the important work we do, the Arthritis Society is adding “Canada” to our name.  We are Canada’s largest, most comprehensive arthritis charity dedicated to extinguishing the fire of arthritis from coast to coast to coast. As we...
    Arthritis Society Canada
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