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Movin’ in the Morning

AREP physiotherapist Ingrid Beam joined Breakfast Television for its daily ‘Movin’ in the Morning’ segment on Wednesday, Jan. 6. 

Ingrid shared some simple and easy exercises that can make a big difference when moving from standing to sitting.  

For the six million Canadians with arthritis, moving in the morning can be difficult after being inactive all night. When working with her clients living with arthritis, Ingrid wants their third step of the day to feel just as good as their 300th.   

Moving – even just doing simple exercises while seated – gets our heartrate up, gets blood flowing and lubricates joints that could be sore from arthritis (or back-to-back Zoom meetings). 

As Ingrid says, “motion is lotion.” 

For more resources on being active, visit flourish or the Arthritis Society’s YouTube channel

Screenshot of the show Breakfast Television with the presentators and Ingrid Beam demonstrating the excercices.

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