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Arthritis Society announces 8 new research awards

Worldwide, low back pain due to osteoarthritis of the spine is the single largest cause of years lived with disability. Thanks to Arthritis Society funding, Dr. Lisbet Haglund in Montreal is investigating two promising therapies that could lead to the first disease-modifying drugs for osteoarthritis of the spine. 

Her project is just one of eight new research funding awards announced today by the Arthritis Society, all made possible by donor support. The list of awards includes three Stars Career Development Awards and five Strategic Operating Grants, bringing this year’s total investment in research to nearly $4 million.

“These researchers and these projects hold great promise for the future of arthritis diagnosis, care and prevention,” says Dr. Siân Bevan, Chief Science Officer at the Arthritis Society. “We look forward to how this important work will help us solve the unanswered challenges of arthritis.”

The Arthritis Society awards research funding after a competitive process that draws on the input of scientists, clinicians and patients. Our gold-standard peer-review process ensures the best, most scientifically meritorious projects receive the support they need. 

Here’s the full list of award recipients:

Stars Career Development Awards: Funding to help establish the careers of early-career investigators
•    Dr. Lisa Carlesso, McMaster University: Studying what causes pain to worsen for people with knee osteoarthritis
•    Dr. Arif Jetha, Institute for Work and Health: Investigating the unique challenges that face young people with a rheumatic disease as they enter adulthood 
•    Dr. Anthony Perruccio, University Health Network: Studying how inflammatory markers in the blood may differ for females and males, perhaps leading to improved treatment for osteoarthritis

Strategic Operating Grants: Funding for projects that have great potential for improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of arthritis 
•    Dr. Mary Forhan, University of Alberta: Investigating non-surgical approaches to treating osteoarthritis in Canadians with obesity
•    Dr. Lisbet Haglund, McGill University: Studying therapies that may lead to the first disease-modifying drugs for osteoarthritis of the spine
•    Dr. Allyson Jones, University of Alberta: Seeking to understand and improve how rheumatoid arthritis is managed in the primary care setting 
•    Dr. Shawn Robbins, McGill University: Conducting a randomized clinical trial aimed at identifying the most effective knee implants for patients with osteoarthritis
•    Dr. Lori Tucker, University of British Columbia: Studying how an app she’s developed supports physicians and families in making the best treatment decisions for children with arthritis

Visit the research section of our website to learn more about these exciting new projects.  

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