Managing Arthritis

4 ways to get personalized and local arthritis support

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Living with arthritis can sometimes feel lonely and finding the resources you need can often be complicated.

Here are four ways to learn about and access the local or personalized support that is available to you.

1. Check out our list of provincial resources.

Most provinces offer programs and services for people living with arthritis. But finding them can be hard. We've gathered a list of some of the most useful resources, services and programs in each province.

Just click on the drop-down box in the top right of the screen if you are not automatically directed to the province you live in.

2. Join Arthritis Connections.

Arthritis Society Canada's Arthritis Connections enables you to engage with and learn from other people living with arthritis just like you. At these virtual events, you can openly talk with others in a private and supportive environment.

3. Call the Arthritis Line.

Our trained Arthritis Line volunteers can answer your questions about arthritis, how to manage the disease and how to access arthritis-related resources. If needed, the volunteers can also refer you to an Arthritis Society Canada Peer Listener. Peer Listeners lend an ear when and if you just need someone to listen and understand.

4. Find out if there are Community Action Grants in your community.

Arthritis Society Canada awarded its first-ever Community Action Grants in October 2022 to seven projects in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Nunavut and Nova Scotia. Each of these projects provides opportunities for people to connect, learn and thrive with arthritis in their own communities and in ways that are meaningful to them. Are any of these projects in your community?

We'll be continuing this grant competition in future years, so if you have an idea for a program that could help people with arthritis in your community, consider applying for the next round. Bookmark our Community Action Grants site and visit again next year.