Arthritis Action Plan

Arthritis Action Plan

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The Arthritis Action Plan will be a nationwide strategy, co-created by 21 Ecosystem Champion organizations, working with Arthritis Society Canada to revolutionize health outcomes and quality of life for people living with arthritis.

Over the next ten years, the Plan will take on the big issues of arthritis, including prevention, cures, equitable access and elevating the urgency of the disease. Everyone plays a role in solving arthritis — the healthcare sector, people and families with lived experience, government at all levels, other non-profits, industry, researchers, and academics — and we must all work together as partners.

Arthritis is misunderstood

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Arthritis is a brutal disease that can strike anyone at any age. It robs people of mobility, independence, livelihood, and physical and mental health.

Who is involved?

Arthritis Society Canada, acting as the backbone organization, is working together with 21 partners across the country to develop an Arthritis Action Plan to transform health outcomes for people living with arthritis.

This innovative, first-of-its-kind Plan will engage 1 million voices, making it the largest co-created plan in Canada.

ACE Arthrits Consurmer Experts - JointHealth
ARC - Arthritis Research Canada - Arthrite Recherche Canada
Arthritis Society Canada
Arthritis Society Canada
Bone and Joint Canada
Canadian Orthopaedic Association
Canadian Psoriasis Network
Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association
Lupus Canada - life without lupus
Ongomiizwin - Indigeous Institute of Health and Healing
Pain BC
Take a Pain Check Foundation
Vasculitis Foundation Canada

The three pillars of the Arthritis Action Plan

The Arthritis Action Plan is grounded in three fundamental pillars that will drive impactful change for arthritis care, research and innovation in Canada.

Awareness, Advocacy and Empowerment
Equitable Access to Care
Research and Innovation


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