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About Arthritis

Arthritis is a collection of conditions affecting joints and other tissues. It causes pain, restricts mobility and diminishes quality of life.

It's serious. 1 in 5 Canadians live every day with arthritis and there is no cure.

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Arthritis Types A-Z

In this section arthritis experts provide you with information on the main types of arthritis, frequently asked questions, treatments and suggestions for self-management.

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Sep 22

It’s not just arthritis For far too long, people have been told “it’s just arthritis.” It’s time to push back against that message and the mistaken believe it isn’t serious.  Starting with Arthritis Awareness Month in September and going forward we’re getting loud as we join... Arthritis Society
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Sep 13

Arthritis Society announces 12 new research awards Osteoarthritis impacts more than four million Canadians and there is no cure. To extinguish the pain of osteoarthritis, we need to prevent it. PhD candidate Justin Losciale of the University of British Columbia and Arthritis Research Canada is attempting to do just that as he tests whether a... Arthritis Society
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Aug 30

It’s time to extinguish arthritis  Arthritis Society marking Arthritis Awareness Month with fiery new campaign TORONTO –  In every city and town across this country Canadians of all ages are being robbed of their mobility, time with friends and family, and, in some cases, their livelihood. The fire of... Arthritis Society