Each year, thousands of Canadians undergo joint replacement surgery, mainly because their joints have been damaged by arthritis.

These pages are meant to guide and support you and your family as you move through the joint replacement experience. The information is created for people in Canada who will be having knee or hip replacement surgery sometime in the near future. But even if you don't live here or if you have already had your surgery, you'll still find lots of useful information and advice.

If pain relief treatments are no longer effective for you, find out what joint replacement surgery might offer:

Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery

Learn about hip & knee replacement: from pre-operative visit, to surgery, to recovery and rehabilitation.

Ankle Replacement Surgery

Learn about ankle replacement surgery: from pre-operative visit, to surgery, to recovery and rehabilitation.

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Online Arthritis Self Management Courses

The Arthritis Society has developed evidence-based, online education programs that are informative, convenient and FREE. There is much you can do to actively manage your arthritis, and each course is devoted to a specific issue or symptom linked to the disease.