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What do you look forward to most about summer? Maybe you can’t wait to hit the golf course or spend a day exploring nature with friends. Or perhaps you’re excited about a family vacation, sightseeing together and enjoying summer treats.

But for six million people living with arthritis in Canada, summer doesn’t always bring feelings of excitement. The heat and humidity can increase the frequency and severity of painful flare-ups, swelling and fatigue, leaving many with feelings of isolation, as constant pain has them watching life from the sidelines.

Many who live with arthritis find their joint pain and inflammation exacerbated when seasons change. And it’s not just seasonal weather – certain foods can even increase severity of symptoms and pain. More research is needed to uncover the root causes so we can find solutions.

Investigating the link between gut health and osteoarthritis

Dr. Sowmya ViswanathanDr. Sowmya Viswanathan at University Health Network is taking a nutrition-based approach to her research, investigating how gut health affects our immune system and whether there is a link between gut health (gut microbiome) and the development of osteoarthritis.

By analyzing participants’ diets using blood and stool samples, Dr. Viswanathan’s research explores how high-fibre foods, known to reduce inflammation in the body’s circulation system, might help reduce joint inflammation. By better understanding the link between gut health and inflammation, she is working to discover new avenues for targeted therapies for osteoarthritis, which could include dietary changes, injections, or capsules targeting gut bacteria.

While individuals living with the agony of arthritis eagerly await a research breakthrough, potential targeted therapies could buy them precious time, delaying or deferring surgery until technology advancements provide more effective solutions. Dr. Viswanathan says, "If we can buy people two years that are pain-free, that could be the time we need to make important new discoveries."

In the next year alone, various research studies are set to make several announcements that will advance arthritis care.

Optimistic about the future, Dr. Viswanathan encourages individuals to maintain healthy lifestyle habits like eating a high-fibre diet and incorporating strength exercises. This holistic approach can improve their quality of life now as they wait for new and better treatments.

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