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Impact in Motion

Celebrating 75 years of impact

“Across our history, there has always been one constant for millions of Canadians living with arthritis: YOU.”
– Trish Barbato, President & CEO, Arthritis Society Canada

For 75 years, Arthritis Society Canada has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of Canadians living with arthritis. Great progress has been made through research, advocacy, innovation, information and support – progress that has only been possible because of our donors.

Our latest edition of Impact in Motion is a testament to our donors – what they’ve enabled since our founding in 1948 and what they continue to fuel as we seek solutions to arthritis. For example, donors have helped us to invest $230 million in arthritis research. Just this year, their generosity meant we could help four Canadian innovators grow their ventures to improve arthritis care.

These successes, and others, are outlined in our Impact in Motion, which we are pleased to share with you this autumn season.

Download Your Impact Report [PDF 1.4MB]

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Innovation in Action

On April 20, 2023, we hosted our second annual Arthritis Ideator Awards™ in Toronto, where four innovators working to improve the lives of those with arthritis received $50,000 each to bring their novel ideas to the next level.

Meet the winners

Photo of Arthritis Ideator Awards finalists of 2023

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A Legacy of a Lifetime

Richard Pearce was an accomplished researcher whose work was funded by Arthritis Society Canada in the 1970s. The support he received was of great significance to him – so much so that he left over $200,000 in his Will to Arthritis Society Canada.

Learn about his story

Photography of Richard Pearce

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Resources and Programs

The summer camps we host every year are among our many valued offerings. Donor dollars support these camps and are integral to the meaningful experience kids with arthritis enjoy for one week every summer.

Read about our summer camps

Photo of children attending summer camps

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