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Impact in Motion

“Together, we’ve made great strides in arthritis research.
Our new State of Arthritis in Canada Report Card will help us keep moving in the right direction.”
– Trish Barbato, President & CEO, Arthritis Society Canada

For more than 75 years we have expended arthritis research, information and support services through the unwavering support of our donors. Together, we’ve created a profound ripple effect, turning compassion into meaningful change for the six million people in Canada living with arthritis.

Our latest edition of Impact in Motion tips our hat to our donors – unveiling the transformative power of their support and recognizing the contributions they’ve made to arthritis research. In this edition we share research discoveries, key findings from The State of Arthritis in Canada Report Card and point to real stories of inspiration – lives touched by our donors’ generosity.

The commitment of our donor family is helping to end the agony of arthritis and is truly shaping a brighter future.

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Research discoveries — made possible by you

With millions of people across the country counting on us, we are doing everything we can to help improve the quality of life and create brighter futures for people living with arthritis. Thanks to our generous donors, we are the largest charitable funder of arthritis research in Canada. Together, we empower arthritis researchers to explore promising ideas and make positive changes for people affected by arthritis.

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Faces of Arthritis – your stories of inspiration

When Cristina was just 21 years old, she experienced the sudden onset of rheumatoid arthritis, a debilitating autoimmune disease. Her joints began to swell and within a couple of months, she was completely bedridden. But that’s not all to her story, for all Cristina has been through, she maintains a hopeful zest for life, encouraging other women with chronic illnesses to do the same.

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The State of Arthritis in Canada Report Card

The first-of-its-kind, The State of Arthritis in Canada Report Card evaluates provinces and territories on access to arthritis care, wellness, and commitment to research and innovation. The report distributed low and failing grades across Canada, underscoring the need for action and innovation in the field of arthritis care. Guided by our key findings, we are committed to helping develop an effective, solution-oriented arthritis action plan that improves access to care, research and education.

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