We don’t blame you: smoking is not good for your health. (And that’s just one reason why you might not want to smoke.)

Fortunately, if you and your doctor believe that it may be a viable treatment option for you, there are a few different ways to experience the potential benefits without having to smoke cannabis. From vapourizers to pills to cannabis oil, there could be a smoke-free option that’s a better fit for you.

Just be very careful to ensure that you are following your prescribed dosage. And be aware that taking medical cannabis different ways can change how quickly you feel the effects, and how long those effects last. So depending on the symptoms you are trying to manage, you might find different forms work better for you at different times.

Talk to your doctor to see if they recommend a particular method to help with your symptoms. You can also discuss the different options available with your licensed seller.

For more information, check out our newly updated brochure, “Medical Cannabis: A Guide to Access”, available on our website at arthritis.ca/medicalcannabis.

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