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Better primary care for lower back pain

Better primary care for people with lower back pain

Growing up on a dairy farm in Ontario, Kyle Vader was accustomed to seeing his loved ones “push through the pain”. Now, as a researcher and physiotherapist, he’s working to make a difference for people living with chronic pain.

In 2021, Kyle Vader was honoured with a PhD Salary Award from the Arthritis Society to fund his research into a new approach to managing low back pain, which we know contributes to disability, decreased quality of life and emotional distress.

With the support of this prestigious award, Kyle is exploring the experiences of people with low back pain who access team-based primary care that includes a physiotherapist as first point of contact.

This valuable research could lead to improvements in primary care settings for people with arthritis, and the management of chronic low back pain.

"I’m really grateful to be supported by the Arthritis Society. You can’t underestimate the value that has." — Kyle Vader

Only through the generosity of dedicated donors like you is such innovative research made possible. Kyle Vader knows how important that generosity is. His grandmother always believed in and has donated to the Arthritis Society for years. “To now have the Arthritis Society fund my work is a real full circle moment,” says Kyle.

In 2020-2021, the Arthritis Society invested $3.6 million in research. Thanks to you, and all our donors, we are the largest charitable funder of arthritis research in Canada.

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