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Arthritis Ideator Program Applications

Arthritis Ideator Program Applications

Who Can Apply?   

The Arthritis Society invites ideators, entrepreneurs and start-ups across Canada to submit their innovative ideas to the Arthritis Ideator Program. Applicants must be Canadian and the original creator/inventor and owner of the intellectual property that is being submitted. Eligibility will be determined by our panel of experts and although it is an open application process, success in the competition will be determined by how well each submission meets the selection criteria.  

Selection Criteria 

The following criteria will be utilized to select the finalists and winning applicants:  

  1. Founder(s) credibility (background, experience of founders)  

  2. Uniqueness (originality of innovation)  

  3. Desirability (is this an innovation that individuals with arthritis need)  

  4. Evidence based (research, science and/or market validation of innovation)  

  5. Financial viability (ability to raise funds and market/sell innovation)  

  6. Readiness for market (how ready the innovation is for market)  

  7. Impact (potential for significant and lasting outcomes for people with arthritis)  

  8. Scalability (how well the innovation can be scaled)  

Application Format and Process  

Applications will be accepted in the form of a pitch deck emailed to by midnight on December 21, 2021.  

There is no prescribed format or length required for the pitch deck, but we encourage applications to consider creativity, clarity and the selection criteria when formulating their decks. Pitch decks should not exceed 10MB in size. If they are larger than 10MB, we ask that you utilize a secure file sharing program with a direct link to your pitch deck.  

Selection Panel  

Applications for Arthritis Ideator Program funding will be reviewed by expert panels that include clinicians, researchers, consumers and technology experts. The panels will then select eight finalists based on potential impact, financial viability and market/research validation.   

The eight finalists will then be invited to present their innovative ideas to a five-person panel of judges, comprised of one Arthritis Society representative and four VIP representatives, at the Arthritis Ideation DenTM on April 21, 2022 – World Creativity and Innovation Day.  

Arthritis Ideation DenTMAwards 

The top three projects selected by the panel at the Arthritis Ideation DenTM will each receive a $50,000 prize. A People’s Choice Award of $50,000 will also be selected from among the remaining finalists.  

Key Dates  

December 21, 2021 – Submissions close  
March 3, 2022 – 8 finalists announced  
April 21, 2022 – Arthritis Ideation DenTM