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Your aching joints are telling you something

New campaign urges Canadians to take action now 

Early diagnosis and treatment of arthritis are critical to minimizing the impact of joint damage and disability. Yet research suggests there could be as many Canadians living with undiagnosed arthritis as there are people who have a diagnosis.

Image with a check mark in a box and the sentence: It's better to know.That’s why Arthritis Society Canada is launching a campaign this month to encourage Canadians to better understand their joint symptoms, so they can start taking action now. 

“Simply put, early action can lead to early relief,” says Dr. Siân Bevan, Chief Science Officer at Arthritis Society Canada. “Even young Canadians shouldn’t ignore persistent stiffness and pain. Arthritis doesn’t discriminate.” 

It’s time to take our Arthritis Symptom Checker if: 

  • that joint pain isn’t getting better 

  • you can’t move like you used to 

  • you’re stiff getting out of bed 

  • that joint is swelling again 

  • there’s a real pain in your neck 

  • it hurts to climbs the stairs 

Get to the bottom of your pain. It’s better to know.  

Understanding your symptoms is the first step to finding relief.  

Take the Arthritis Symptom Checker today – and encourage others to take it too!

Arthritis is Canada’s most common chronic disease – affecting six million (1 in 5) Canadians of all ages – and it can have devastating impacts on peoples’ lives. Arthritis does not discriminate. Over half of Canadians with arthritis are younger than 65.

If you have joint pain, don’t ignore it. Take the first step by taking the Arthritis Symptom Checker.

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