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Peer-to-peer fundraiser Move Your Way swings into action on improved platform

Shifting from tennis to golf may not seem like a natural transition, but for Joe Paiva and his charity event, that’s exactly what it has proven to be. Rewind 30 years to when Joe, who lives with rheumatoid arthritis, launched a tennis tournament to raise awareness and funds for arthritis. He pulled in $1,700 at the inaugural event. His second tournament the following year was an ace, generating $6,500. It became clear that a bigger platform was needed to accommodate the growing interest in the event and the cause that was, and remains, close to his heart.

The answer was on the green.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Joe’s charity golf tournament – now an Arthritis Society Canada Move Your Way fundraiser backed by support from Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet – is a booming success. Last year’s fundraiser generated $23,000, bringing the total raised since Joe launched his event three decades ago to a staggering $358,000!

“Everything’s in place now. The only thing we have to do is let people know when we’re having the tournament, and everyone shows up!” says Paiva, who chairs the annual event. So much of a success, in fact, that Paiva’s former boss flew a private plane from Muskoka, Ont. to participate, and then flew back at the end of the tournament.

Do it your way

Re-launching May 1 this year on a brand-new platform, Move Your Way is an opportunity to turn your favourite interests or hobbies into do-it-yourself fundraising events. Donations fuel the fight against arthritis, a debilitating disease impacting one in five Canadians, through research, advocacy, innovation, information and support.

“Move Your Way is a simple way to turn your everyday activities into a fundraiser. Since we introduced it in 2020, our incredible supporters have organized everything from bake sales to Mount Kilimanjaro climbs, raising almost $250,000 to help improve the lives of the six million Canadians living with arthritis,” says Trish Barbato, President and CEO, Arthritis Society Canada. “We’re so proud of our passionate fundraisers, and we do whatever we can to support them.”

Move Your Way logoOne way Arthritis Society Canada supports Paiva’s golf tournament is by engaging a family affected by arthritis to share their experience at the tournament.

“It gives people chills to hear stories about young children going through the pain of arthritis,” says Joe Tinoco, who is tournament co-chair with Paiva’s son Rob. “But it’s the success stories, too – that people are living better lives because of the funds contributed to Arthritis Society Canada.”

This year’s golf tournament will take place on August 2 at Rebel Creek Golf Club in Petersburg, Ont. A trip for two to Portugal will be auctioned off. 

“It’s just a fun day of golf – 144 buddies out to have a good time,” Tinoco says.

“We’ve created a good thing,” Paiva adds.

Ascending – and descending – for Arthritis Society Canada

Opting for a more rugged terrain for his fundraiser was Marcello Chiacchia. Since he, his wife and his mother have various forms of arthritis, he decided to celebrate his 60th birthday by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as a Move Your Way event. At 19,341 feet, the Tanzanian volcano is Africa’s tallest mountain.

Marcello and his team of 16 friends and family members set a fundraising goal of $38,682, one dollar for every foot of elevation climbed and one for every foot descended. They trounced that target in August 2022, raising a towering $58,676.

“It’s been very humbling to see people’s generosity,” Marcello says. “I’m grateful and proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

Start a Move Your Way fundraiser today!

Swinging a golf club and scaling a mountain are just a pair of activities one can do to participate in Move Your Way. Whatever you enjoy can easily be turned into a fundraising event to improve the lives of Canadians living with arthritis. Get moving!

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