Our fiery declaration

Inside every Canadian living with arthritis there are two people.

The person who gets up every morning, bravely putting one foot in front of the other while silently hoping today will be a good day.

Then there’s the other person inside, desperate for a cure but no longer daring to hope for one, because the world keeps telling them, “It’s just arthritis.” Some even believe it themselves.

These brave souls live and move among us.

Six million strong. Six million silent.

It’s for them that we are here.

The Arthritis Society is the relentless counterforce that fights the fire of arthritis through research, advocacy and innovation.

We are all in to end arthritis, so people with arthritis can live their best life free from arthritis.

Impact Highlights

Canadians reached with trusted information
invested in research
people received direct or one-on-one support through our education and information programs
of program users said they are empowered to better manage their arthritis
Canadians raised their voices with us on public policy issues
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The people who inspire our resolve

Right now, six million Canadians have arthritis!

Join us in fighting the fire of arthritis and help millions live in a world free from devastating effects of this disease.

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