Psoriatic Arthritis

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Psoriatic ArthritisDid you know?

  • Psoriatic arthritis is a type of inflammatory arthritis that usually appears in people with a skin disease called psoriasis.
  • Between 10 – 30 per cent of people with psoriasis will get psoriatic arthritis (PsA).
  • PsA affects both men and women in equal numbers and usually appears between the ages of 20 and 50.

There is no cure for PsA, but when you are diagnosed early and start the right treatment, you can take control of your disease and avoid severe damage to your joints. Most people with PsA can lead active and productive lives with the help of the right medication, surgery (in some cases), exercise, rest and joint protection techniques.

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What is psoriatic arthritis?
What are the warning signs of psoriatic arthritis?
How does your doctor diagnose psoriatic arthritis?
What do you do if your family doctor thinks you have psoriatic arthritis?
Why do people get psoriatic arthritis?
What questions should I ask my doctor?
Physical Activity
Heat and Cold
Protecting Your Joints
Relaxation & Coping Skills
Skin Care
Healthy Eating
Complementary Therapy
Arthritis medications are designed to control a disease, slow its progression, and to help manage pain. There is a wide range of options – with new ones coming on the horizon – so understanding all possible treatments is not easy. 

These medications can be very complex, so you are encouraged to ask for in-depth explanations from your health care team – including pharmacists, who are an excellent source of information. 

To explore this area of treatment, The Arthritis Society has developed a comprehensive expert guide that delivers detailed information on medications used to treat arthritis.

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The optimal treatment is what is best in each individual case – so speak with your doctor and/or pharmacist about what kind of medications are most appropriate for you.

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The Arthritis Society provides a range of in-person workshops and online programs, all with a specific focus in mind. They include chronic pain management, overcoming fatigue, understanding your health-care team, symptom checkers, and more. Participants learn new information and skills, and for in-person workshops, can share ideas and experiences with others.

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