TRY THIS: New app helps track and manage OA of the hand

March 28, 2016

eTreatMDLiving with osteoarthritis in your hand? Your smartphone may be your new best friend.

eTreatMD has developed an app for mobile users that transforms your smartphone into a medical device to help you measure, monitor, and manage the pain and symptoms of your arthritis. eTreatMD has partnered with The Arthritis Society to offer a free pilot of their new eTreatMD myHand application to 200 people living with arthritis before its release in-market. Note that there is a small fee for comprehensive reports once the pilot ends.

Here’s how it works: Take a picture of your hand with your smartphone and upload it for analysis. The app analyzes your hand and takes measurement of joint enlargement, joint swelling, and joint angular deviations. eTreatMD myHand helps you record joint pain, treatment regimens and local weather, and can help predict your flare-ups and recommend treatments that may be effective for your pain management.

The app will also provide you with a detailed overview of your symptom history to take to your next doctor’s appointment – offering an organized way to present your personal findings to your healthcare professional to get an informed opinion.

Your information remains secure: the eTreatMD myHand app and server comply with the highest federal regulations for protection of health information.

If you’d like to be part of the pilot group, sign up below to take control of this unique innovation in arthritis pain and symptom management.

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