Physical Activity and Exercise

If ever there were a perfect excuse not to exercise, arthritis pain would seem to be it. In fact, research shows quite the opposite. A properly designed exercise program may not only decrease your pain, but may also increase your flexibility and overall fitness - and it can do wonders for your state of mind.

Physical activity refers to activities that are a part of everyday life. They include household, workplace, and lifestyle activities that can help you become more active.

Exercise is a type of physical activity that uses exertion to improve physical fitness.

Exercise is one part of your treatment program over which you can assert control. It's a chance to confront arthritis directly and maybe reclaim some favorite activities the disease has made difficult for you - and discover some new ones, too.

For more information, refer to The Arthritis Society's Physical Activity & Arthritis Guide [PDF] and Top 10 Exercises [PDF].
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Benefits of exercise
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Canadian physical activity guidelines
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Staying active with inflamed joints & flare-ups

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