Managing Daily Activities

If you have arthritis, you probably know by now even simple daily activities can become a lot harder. Arthritis can turn even the simplest tasks — dressing, washing or brushing your hair —into a real challenge. Feeling tired and drained of energy only makes things worse.

Fighting off fatigue

Fatigue is often dubbed the 'silent symptom' of arthritis. It is important to determine the cause of your fatigue in order to fight it. Did you know that sometimes fatigue is caused by things other than your arthritis? Everyone experiences fatigue differently because its causes are usually a combination of physical and emotional factors like arthritis itself, inactivity, poor nutrition, insufficient or poor quality rest, emotional stress or anxiety, or a side effect of medication.

One of the best strategies to help look at factors that might be causing your fatigue and fight it is starting to bring what we call the “Four Ps” into your life:
A good night’s sleep

Principles for protecting your joints

Respect your pain
Balance work with rest
Maintain muscle strength and joint range of movement
Use joints in their most stable and functional position
Use stronger and larger joints
Reduce the force

Using helpful tools and devices

To protect your hands and wrists, and preserve your grip strength:
Choose tools with 'fat' handles
Change the shape of the grip handle
Choose tools with non-slip textured hand grips
Use levers to reduce effort and increase strength
Use tools that hold objects in place
Support your wrist, finger and thumb joints with splints
Slide or roll objects, instead of lifting or carrying them
Use large joints to protect smaller, fragile joints 
Keep items within easy reach

To stay mobile and avoid stiffening up:

Raise seats to make sitting down and getting up easier
Avoid standing for long periods of time 
Make activities as safe as possible
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