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Matthew Sholdice Roberta Berard Sue MacQueen
Filling a gap in care

Matthew Sholdice has had rheumatoid arthritis since he was three. When the 11-year-old visits the Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre to see Dr. Roberta Berard – the only pediatric rheumatologist in southwestern Ontario – he first meets Sue MacQueen of The Arthritis Society.

Peter Kannu
Water: secret weapon in the fight against osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, the world’s most common joint disease, is marked by the ongoing breakdown of cartilage – the tissue that cushions joints and protects bones. Cartilage is actually made mostly of water, moving in and out of cells. Does water hold a clue to how cartilage breaks down and how osteoarthritis develops?

Lynsey Hachey Kaleb backpack
Back to school… with special backbacks

When Lynsey Hachey’s son Kaleb was 15 months old – fresh to the world of walking – he started limping. The boy’s leg was stiff each morning and he wasn’t able to stand. 

Jesse Robertson
The long, hard road to a better place

“There aren’t that many of me,” says Jesse Robertson, 32, reflecting on a full life with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Dafna Gladman
Psoriatic arthritis: a tool for earlier diagnosis

Did a doctor diagnose you with psoriasis? Do you have lesions? Any tender joints? Swollen digits? Morning stiffness? Back pain with tightness?Answers to questions like these help raise the red flag for psoriatic arthritis.