Dr. Gillian Hawker, Women’s College Hospital and University of Toronto

For her outstanding contributions to research on osteoarthritis (OA), Dr. Gillian Hawker was honoured by the Arthritis Society of Canada in 2013 with a Queen’s Jubilee Medal. The Arthritis Society is proud to have supported Dr. Hawker early on in her career as a renowned clinician-scientist, laying the foundation for decades of research advances as a leader in the field. We supported her initial training with both clinical and research fellowships, and helped her establish her career as an independent scientist with research funding. Her research has led to several crucial discoveries about the complex connections between osteoarthritis (OA) and pain, mood, sleep, and fatigue, including how pain can start a cycle of symptoms. By supporting up-and-coming researchers and encouraging them to focus on arthritis, we can speed up our progress against this devastating disease.

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Thanks to the support of Arthritis Society donors, I know first-hand how important it is to support the next generation of researchers to help find a cure and improve quality of life. It’s critical to help establish a strong foundation early on, setting researchers up for many years of success." - Dr. Gillian Hawker, clinician-scientist