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ACPAC Scholarship Program

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ACPAC Scholarship Program

Update: ACPAC Program 2019-20

A funding commitment for the 2019-2020 ACPAC Program from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has not yet been confirmed. If funding is not confirmed by May 1, 2019, the ACPAC program will be suspended for the upcoming academic year, 2019-20.


Advanced Clinician Practitioner in Arthritis Care (ACPAC) is a hybrid academic and clinical training program that prepares experienced physical therapists, occupational therapists, and nurses for extended practice roles in the diagnosis and management of patients with arthritis. It is an adult-learner, competency-based inter-professional program currently delivered in episodic format, including 5 weeks of on-site attendance in Toronto, across a ten-month period, offered by the University of Toronto.

The Arthritis Society will offer a grant to experienced Health Care professional(s) who want to complete the ACPAC training program for the advancement of their career in the management of Arthritis. The objective of this scholarship is to provide support to successful ACPAC program enrollee(s) in their efforts to develop and apply best practice care for people with arthritis and advance their engagement in the facilitation of evolving models of arthritis care.

In the event the ACPAC program is offered for 2019-2020 a Scholarship will be offered to one or more candidates with the total amount of available funds limited to $25,000.

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Program Eligibility

Consistent with the eligibility criteria for the ACPAC Program, candidates must:

  • Be a member in good standing with their respective provincial college/regulatory body and eligible for membership in their national professional association;
  • Have proof of current personal professional liability insurance;
  • Have a minimum of 3 year’s experience following completion of an accredited, entry-to-practice program in either physical therapy, occupational therapy or nursing plus two years further experience in a clinical specialty (musculoskeletal or related) area; and
  • Have completed the post-graduate level course entitled “Clinical Practice Skills for Inflammatory Arthritis” offered by The Arthritis Society OR the “Assessment and Management of Rheumatic Diseases: A Skills Workshop” offered by the Mary Pack Centre OR equivalent (at the discretion of ACPAC Program Directors).

In addition to meeting the above criteria, applicants must:  

  • Be currently working in arthritis care;
  • Have the endorsement of a rheumatologist;
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Provide consent to post picture and profile on the Arthritis Society website
  • Demonstrate leadership and volunteerism in the rheumatology community; and
  • Demonstrate an affinity to the Arthritis Society and agree to participate in self-selected arthritis Society related community engagement activities

Note: Candidates from underserviced areas will be given preferred consideration.


The Arthritis Society ACPAC Scholarship Program
Amina Gazi, Program Specialist
Education, Programs & Services
The Arthritis Society
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