Cheryl Johnson’s story

Lilly's Legacy

It's important to give back to causes that speak to your heart. ~ Cheryl Johnson, legacy donor and volunteer

Photograph of Cheryl JohnsonWhen I was at my weakest and most vulnerable, learning to cope with three types of arthritis, and being told that I would be wheelchair bound for the rest of my life, people from the Arthritis Society lifted me up. They encouraged me to become a volunteer and use my experiences to help others who are struggling. 

I decided to leave a gift to the Arthritis Society in my Will so that the vitally important work that they’re doing will continue. I know my contribution will be directed to where it can make the maximum impact and help the most: supporting people affected by arthritis and funding research to one day find a cure. I am also confident that this organization is fiscally responsible. 

It’s important for me to leave something behind. I hope you will join me in giving the gift of a lifetime.