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Leadership Volunteers

Special Events, Fund raising & Revenue Development

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Volunteer LogoOur leadership volunteers share their professional skills and networks to help the Arthritis Society create a future without arthritis.  

This could include serving as a regional or national advisor to various staff teams, leading other volunteers, sharing your professional or specialist skills to help drive our work, and serving on our National Board of Directors.

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About the role

A leadership volunteer role is an opportunity to support the Arthritis Society at a more strategic level, and often involves taking on some responsibility for a defined area of activity or leading a group of your fellow volunteers. Our leadership volunteers operate in all areas of our work, and contribute their professional skills, experience, knowledge, and networks to help us achieve more as an organization.

Some examples of a leadership volunteer role at the Arthritis Society: 

  • Join our advisory groups, providing guidance and innovative solution to further the organization's strategy  
  • Join an Event Committee, providing leadership at your local fund raising events 
  • Lead groups of local volunteers on specific, defined areas of work such as advocacy


  • Support the Arthritis Society’s mission by contributing to key priorities and projects 
  • Increase your influence within the health and non-profit sectors 
  • Develop transferable skills related to leadership and organizational planning 
  • Develop time-management and communications skills 
  • Give back to the community and impact those living with arthritis  
  • Use and develop specialized skills and talents while contributing to the Society’s mission 
  • Build connections and be part of a community, and be a leader in providing your fellow volunteers with ongoing opportunities, training, and mentorship 
  • A letter of reference can be provided at the completion of the volunteer term 


We have leadership volunteer roles available across Canada, at both a local and national level. 

At the Arthritis Society, we do our best to offer flexible roles that can be adapted to suit the needs and availability of individual volunteers.  The exact time commitment of all positions will depend on many factors including the volunteer position being filled, your schedule, and the Arthritis Society’s needs. Leadership volunteer roles will generally require a significant commitment on either a short-term or longer-term basis, however many positions have flexibility. For example, you can volunteer by leading a group of volunteers during election campaigns, or you can support us on an ongoing basis by joining a provincial event or advisory committee. We do ask our volunteers to commit to a term or season of work with us to enable them to see projects to completion and for all parties to see the full benefit of this volunteer partnership. 

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Please note: Not all our volunteering opportunities are offered in every Division.

For information about current opportunities in your area, contact your local volunteer lead, or email