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Organize an Event

Organize an Event

Why Host an Event? Why your support matters?

Host your own fundraising events are a great way to build awareness, raise funds, and transform the lives of Canadians with arthritis.

Within a generation, there will be a new diagnosis of osteoarthritis every minute. As it stands, one in six adults in Canada know the pain of arthritis – making it a leading chronic condition in the country.

Arthritis affects infants and toddlers who are just getting started with life. It strikes teenagers navigating high school. It hurts new mothers trying to carry their babies and change diapers. It prevents workers from being able to effectively claim their jobs back. It touches older adults who are trying to enjoy a much-deserved retirement.

Help empower those living with arthritis and help fund a cure.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Start your own fundraising event or join an existing one
  2. Set your fundraising goal
  3. Register

Host an Event You are 4 steps away from hosting your own event and supporting Canadians living with Arthritis.
  1. Choose your event
    Select an event that best suits you. For event ideas, check out the Fundraising Toolkit [PDF]!
  2. Set your fundraising goal
    Make it achievable. Take a look at the Event Budget Summary document [PDF] for help setting your goal
  3. Create a budget
    Creating a budget [PDF] will help you track expenses and keep you on target to reaching your fundraising goal!
  4. Get registered
    Good luck and all the best with your event! We look forward to seeing photos.

Thank you for hosting your own event in support of The Arthritis Society. We have a number of tools to help get your event up and running:

  • I have an event idea but require assistance executing it. Can The Arthritis Society help?

    The Arthritis Society has many tools and resources available in our toolkit to assist in organizing fundraising events. Once you have decided that you wish to host an event in support of The Arthritis Society, we ask that you register your event or fundraising initiative online or contact us to receive an event proposal form. When you submit your form, we will review your event and get back to you within 10 business days. Once your fundraising event is approved, we will provide you with all the tools and resources you require to assist you in putting your event together.

  • Can I use The Arthritis Society database to contact donors to promote my event?

    As per the Privacy Act, The Arthritis Society cannot mail event information or contact our donors about a Host Your Own Event fundraiser.

  • Will you provide insurance for my event?

    The Arthritis Society is not able to provide insurance for any Host Your Own Events. Event organizers are responsible for obtaining the correct insurance for their events. The Arthritis Society cannot be held liable for any part of a Host Your Own Event fundraiser.

  • Can you provide some funds to cover my event expenses?

    The Arthritis Society is not able to contribute funds, financially support your event or reimburse expenses from donated funds. Event organizers are responsible for paying any expenses before making their donation or their donors’ donation to The Arthritis Society.

  • How much should I expect to give back to The Arthritis Society?

    At the Arthritis Society, we try to ensure that the 20/80 rule is utilized. Costs should not be larger than 20 percent of your funds raised. For example if the expenses were $200 we expect to raise a minimum of $800. It is our goal that all supporting events will uphold this as a standard guideline when raising funds in support of The Arthritis Society.

  • Can you apply for a license or permit (lottery, etc) on our behalf?

    The Arthritis Society cannot apply for any licenses on your behalf. Provincial gaming and lottery links are listed below for your convenience.
    Provincial Gaming Links:

  • Will you provide media support or write a press release to promote my event?

    Due to limited resources at The Arthritis Society we would not be able to promote or generate publicity for your event.  However, we can provide a pre-approved media advisory release template for you to customize. Be sure to remember to insert your event information into the copy before sending out to any media outlets.

  • Can we use your logo and branding on our event materials?

    Once you submit your proposal form and your event is approved, we will provide you with a Host Your Own Event toolkit which includes event logos and customizable templates. Any additional materials containing The Arthritis Society branding or logo must be submitted to us for approval prior to distribution.

  • Can someone from the Arthritis Society attend my event?

    Due to the large number of fundraisers and limited resources at The Arthritis Society, staff members are generally unable to attend a Host Your Own Event fundraiser.

  • Can I accept credit card donations?

    Yes, The Arthritis Society can help facilitate the processing of credit card donations both online or offline. Please note, if you collect cash or cheques from donors and make a payment on your credit card instead, tax receipts must still be issued in the original donor’s name. Please contact your local Arthritis Society office for clarification or questions.

  • Where do I send my offline donations?

    If you have an event set up online you can make a lump sum payment from the event on your credit card. If you would like to hand deliver cash donations, they can be dropped off to your local Arthritis Society office. Please Note: It is not safe to mail cash, please send a cheque payable to The Arthritis Society instead. If you are looking for tax receipts for your donors, please make sure that you include a copy of the donation form filled out in full, with legible writing, in order to process tax receipts.

  • Can tax receipts be issued for my event?

    The Arthritis Society is committed to following all of the rules and regulations regarding tax receipting as set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as this is crucial to protecting our charitable status.  Tax receipts can only be issued for donations that adhere to the following:

    1. A benefit has not been received for the value of the donation (benefits can include: dinner, alcohol, entertainment, auction, parking etc.)
    2. The Arthritis Society received a statement showing all revenue and expenses from the event
    3. Funds and a complete list of donor names, addresses and donation amount is received within 90 days of the event
    4. Funds are received by December 31st in the same calendar year that the event was held

    For further information on tax receipting please click here to visit the CRA website.  It is very important that you understand all of the guidelines about tax receipts before you plan your event.

  • Can I host multiple events at once?

    Your account can only create or join one “host your own” fundraising event at a time. If you’d like to create or join multiple “host your own” events at once, please register again using a different email address than the one used previously. If your previous “host your own” event has ended, you can leave the event and join a new one. If you have questions please contact us at 1.800.321.1433 or


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