The Disability Tax Credit: What You Should Know

Posted: 07-12-2015
Disability tax credit

Thousands of Canadians are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit, which can mean significant savings at tax time. Learn more in this Q&A featuring financial advisor Gordon Grainger.

What is the Disability Tax Credit (DTC)?
What qualifies as a severe, prolonged impairment? How prolonged?
How much is the credit?
If you are caring for a child, is there an additional credit?
What are the steps of the process?
It is very important the doctor complete the form properly, correct?
Once approved, can patients be eligible for the credit on past tax returns?
What if a patient doesn’t qualify as severe, prolonged impaired? Are there any other options?
Patients who receive the DTC are also eligible for the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). What does that plan entail?
Are there any other resources available to these patients?
How can you find out more?

Gordon Grainger is a financial security advisor with Freedom 55 Financial, a division of London Life Insurance Company, and an investment representative with Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. He can be contacted at 902-422-1631, ext 412, or by email to

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