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Stop Childhood Arthritis

Stop Childhood Arthritis

Stop Childhood Arthritis in its tracks. No child should have to live with the unnecessary pain of childhood arthritis.

Stop Childhood Arthritis is an unprecedented research funding commitment about unlocking the power of personalized medicine and changing the face of childhood arthritis.

The Arthritis Society is making a $5 million investment (2018-2023) to fund ground-breaking research into childhood arthritis including personalized therapies, earlier detection, prevention and quality of life supports. Many people mistakenly think arthritis is just a disease of the elderly, but the statistics tell a different story. As many as 25,000 Canadian children and adolescents seek healthcare for arthritis, which makes it more common than most chronic childhood diseases.

Stop Childhood Arthritis will accelerate the vital and talented work of the Canadian pediatric clinical and research community, who are close to taking a quantum leap forward in the ability to test for, target and treat childhood arthritis earlier, with greater accuracy and fewer side effects.

Combining forces with research partners to accelerate this important work

We are very proud to partner with Genome Canada and other institutions to support UCAN CURE – a transformational research project Canada is leading as part of an international network.

This is an investment in children, and in discovery. The future of arthritis care is going to be driven by a focus on innovation. This initiative is a game-changer with potential implications for arthritis care that extend far beyond children.

The Arthritis Society is excited to be helping lead the way in this initiative thanks to the vision and generosity of our donors.

No child should have to live with the unnecessary pain of childhood arthritis.

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Stop Childhood Arthritis represents the largest research commitment the Arthritis Society has ever made into childhood arthritis… so that no child has to live with unnecessary pain.” - Siân Bevan, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Arthritis Society

Meet the UCAN CURE Researchers

Dr. Susa Benseler and Dr. Rae YeungDr.Susa Benseler and Dr.Rae Yeung

Learn about the vital research taking place in the pediatric rheumatology research community across Canada, as they work to unlock the power of personalized medicine. Here are two of the many remarkable explorers contributing to this vital work: 

Other childhood arthritis research investments

So far we’ve allocated more than $3.7 million in commitments towards our five-year goal. These funds are currently supporting 10 childhood arthritis research initiatives, including strategic operating grants, career development awards, and training awards.
In addition to the UCAN CURE research profiled above, some other commitments include:

Proud supporters

Cassie + friends

About Childhood Arthritis

Aida was just five years old when she was diagnosed with a form of childhood arthritis – a group of rare conditions affecting three in every 1,000 Canadian children.

These aggressive diseases can strike infants, children and teens, and can seriously erode their quality of life: some of these children have literally never known a day without pain.

AidaResearch into personalized medicine will help Aida's doctors identify the exact right treatment to stop her arthritis in its tracks, relieving the pain, restoring mobility and preventing further damage to her joints – so she can get back to just being a kid.

Help Aida – and the thousands of Canadian children like her.

Help Stop Childhood Arthritis Today!

Here is Aida, post op after receiving 15 injections of steroids into her tiny joints, to help relieve the pain of inflammation, and to get her mobile again - Katrina & Ed, Aida's parents