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The Arthritis Line

A lifeline for people looking for answers

A lifeline for people looking for answers

Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, people with questions about arthritis have a lifeline: the Arthritis Line. Our national toll-free, bilingual telephone and online support service is run by staff and trained volunteers who answer questions and guide users to the right resources.

Our responders handle more than 2,500 inquiries every year. That’s a meaningful connection and knowledge sharing for so many who fight the fire of arthritis every day. Questions range from inquiries about Arthritis Society programs, to requests for pain management strategies, to questions about finding local community supports. Without you, those vital conversations couldn’t have happened.

Many of the people who call the Arthritis Line are living with arthritis, or someone close to them does. As you can imagine, callers are often in distress as they struggle with the physical and mental effects of the disease. And the number of people using the Arthritis Line is increasing every year.

What matters most is that our volunteers have made a difference and callers received the help they were seeking. With an average satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5, this is a vital resource you can feel good about supporting with your donations.

"Your response time is excellent and ways of contacting you are clear and easy. Thank you! " — Arthritis Line caller

The number of Canadians living with arthritis continues to rise. That’s why we need to enhance and expand the service, to ensure that everyone who needs assistance has access to the information and help they need. Thank you.

Contact the Arthritis Line
By phone: 1.800.321.1433, press 2

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